Why You Should Consider a Weekend Trip Abroad in 2018

Doesn’t need much convincing, does it?

But then again maybe it does. So here goes.

If you are fortunate to find yourself working in a company that allows you to work from home, you have considered the idea of switching up the atmo and working from a remote location (which may or may not be “home”).

Life is too short for cubicles.

Life is also too short to work from the same location all the time. If you can work from home, a weekend trip suddenly becomes more of a reality.

We all know that flights on Friday evening can be pricey. But if you fly in on a Thursday, imagine the following lifestyle and tell me if it’s for you. Let’s call it the Weekend Trip Mantra.

The Weekend Trip Mantra:

  • Arrive on Thursday evening
  • Work the Friday (from your exotic location)
  • Spend an uninterrupted weekend, discovering a new place (by boat or terrain)
  • Sneak back into your city on Sunday midnight in time for work

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a weekend trip abroad.

1. Uh, because you can?

You also do not need to take additional holiday days off for this.

Call it extreme, but there is nothing more extreme than doing the same thing every single weekend, watching the same kind of money go away on the same kind of things.

If you have the ability to work from home and land on the Thursday, or even if you find that Friday flight prices aren’t that bad (hint: book way in advance) then you might as well go for it.

Why settle for a big, and somewhat-traditional big summer break that only comes around once a year, when you can go on a legit adventure every couple of weekends and leave your 9–5 world behind?

Other variations of this:

-Take the Friday off, travel Thursday night

-Travel Wednesday night, WFH Thursday and Friday

-Pick an early one-day flight and come home that night (advanced)

2. You’re gonna spend that money locally anyway

Flight tickets aside, you may just be saving money by traveling abroad.

How many proseccos, brunches, prosecco brunches, night outs, and other useless crap* do we often find our budgets vanishing due to?

And “can I tap your card, sir?” isn’t helping anyone.

If you need to convince a friend, I got just the excuse for you. Say you live in Ireland, UK, or anywhere in Europe that is notorious for being expensive, chances are traveling in pursuit of sun-kissed locations across the Mediterranean may save you a buck or two on authentic meals, local experiences and tons of artifacts and photos picked along the way.

Not to mention your memories will be that much more vivid and your Monday stories suddenly become a lot more interesting and somewhat aspirational.

While you may spend money on flight tickets, there are always ways around that, such as tuning in to Ryanair’s Flash sales, and booking flight tickets in advance. Save money on all the un-necessarily expensive Eggs benny

Useless Crap we pay for on a typical weekend*:

  • Overly-priced eggs benny
  • Parking fees
  • Public transport fees
  • Sub-optimal takeaway coffees
  • Cinema
  • Cinema soda and popcorn. Come on guys.
  • Entree fees into clubs with very original DJs
  • Dinners you get cornered into
  • Lunches with people you don’t even like. You don’t even like them!
  • Anything that is useless, and is therefore subsequently crap that you don’t need to deal with

3. Travel becomes an easy, and constant part of your life

There is something about travel and escaping out of the city that is truly unlike any other feeling you get. There is something very attractive and gripping about taking off on a boat trip and leaving the world behind, if only for a day. Life becomes alot more energetic and interesting when you always have a trip on the horizon to look forward to. Besides, it’s a wise investment especially when you remember that it’s been proven that experiences bring us more joy than things.

The best weekends are spent not just off city, but off land on a boat, exploring a new place with new faces. But frankly, any kind of weekend away is always worth it.

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